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March 20021

Artist of the Month

Shelba Patton

Shelba was raised up in Arkansas and later went to settle in Memphis  TN.,she has one son. In 1993 she then moved to Paducah, KY. , where she now still lives with her faithful companion Shane (her Shitzu furbaby).

She founded a ministry known as Sock Saint's Ministry.  The Ministry delivers socks to different Nursing Homes on different occasions, as of this date they have delivered over 18,000 pairs of socks.

Shelba began singing around 1990.  She then joined the WKGMA Family July of 2010.

Shelba loves to work in her flower garden and is always ready to go shopping.

She is a member of the Park Ave. Baptist church where she also serves as church treasurer. She is also a Veteran  of the United States Marine Cor. but more then anything Ms Shelba loves the Lord with all of her heart and soul, she always has a hug and a smile along with a word of encouragement for you.

Ms. Shelba loves her Lord , her family and  her Country.  If you want a blessing just have her come sing for you sometime, you will be blessed.

February's Artist Highlight 



Marilyn Harrell

Marilyn has been spreading the Gospel with her music for over 30 years.  She became a member of WKGMA in the early 1970's and became the President of WKGMA about five years ago.  Marilyn started her music journey as a Soloist then she formed the first For Him whose members were Marilyn, Keith,Mona and Ron, then For Him changed members and is now more of a family based group that consist of long time singing partner and friend Keith, but sometime ago added Marilyn's daughter Donna and granddaughter Hannah and then as recent as the end of last year added her other granddaughter  Bella.   As you watch them sing you will see the Spirit of the Lord descend upon all of them, it is such a blessing to hear them sing.

Marilyn resides in Paducah, Kentucky.  She attends Park Ave. Baptist Church and she is in love with her Pastor.  Of course her Pastor is also her Husband of 48 years. Out of that marriage they have two daughters, four granddaughters and one great granddaughter.  When not out singing or working in the church Marilyn's favorite past times is getting  with her family and friends.  Can we get a Virtual Hand Clap for the President of WKGMA Marilyn Harrell.

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