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Falling Behind

May 11th, 2021   

I'm afraid I have to admit that I have fallen somewhat behind here on the web site and for that I apologize.

So many times we think "oh I will just handle that tomorrow" and then before you know it tomorrow has done come and gone. That is what has happened to me, but I hope to quickly get things caught up but until then please keep praying for me.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

When I was a child I use to spend my summers in Arkansas & I thought that was the grandest thing to get to go pick Cotton. from the road it looked so soft and so snowy white.  Then one day I got to go help pick cotton, talk about a eye opener I came away with a whole different outlook on cotton pickin. My back hurt from bending over, my shoulder hurt from pulling the bag and most of my fingers were bleeding.

That is how ole Satan is, he will paint such a beautiful picture that will entice you , then once you are in his snare then comes the pain and the blood.  For you see that beauty is just a lure to get you to give into temptation.

But there is a lasting beauty  and that is the love of Jesus Christ.  So put your trust in our Father and then strive to live your life so that it is as snowy white as the unpicked cotton ball.

Just the opinion of the writer, feel free to leave comments.

December 8th, 2020

I think of the ships on stormy nights when there is no visibility of light to safely guide them into the harbors and I can envision the splintering of the ship's hull as it is bashed upon the rocks.  Imagine not being able to see your hand in front of your face and yet you are responsible for all these people aboard this ship, I imagine fear , anxiety would engulf the Captain of the vessel.  

I am so thankful that I have a Captain that can guide my ship safely and that he provides a lighthouse for those to see so that they can safely be led to shore. Jesus is the Captain of my ship and he has shone his light all around me so that we can safely see the shore. I thank God for the Lighthouse, don't you?


    Sunday December 6th, 2020

Have you ever thought of how one would witness to a person that is dying or try to minister to their loved ones as they stand they waiting for her to take her last breath.  Have you been obedient to the Holy Spirit when it is telling you to do something, but you yourself are so sick you don't know of any good you might do?  I found myself in that very situation yesterday and this morning. So I look toward the heavens for the answer, she was old and frail and stricken with the Covid Virus, Doctors and Nurses say they have done all that they know to do that it's just a matter of time.  My heart went out to this roomate that I had and I wanted so badly to take and hold her hand, but all I could do was pray out loud and play the old time hymns, and pray that her transition would be swift and swift it was, it was like the angels came into the room and said enough, it's time to leave and that is what she did.  She took once last breath and the angels carried her off to the father.  To not to be able to be ones family during such a times as this is so difficult and so heart wrenching. At the end her family was allowed to come into our room, I was thankful that the nurses and the staff quickly carried me off to another room so that her family could say goodbye to this Mother they loved so dear.I'm

 grateful that God heard my prayers and the prayers of all those who were praying for Ms Evenlyn, she's at peace now and can now breathe again.  I cried my tears for her, but then God said cry for those who know not me, for this lady was one of my own.

Feel free to leave comments.


A Broken World

January 17, 2021

The Talley's put out a song called A Broken World and it

speaks of a woman who has more month than she has than she's got money,working three jobs barely getting by...daddy's getting tired his faith is can't get money from a well that's running dry ...We're living in a broken world and a broken world won't give you any answers, where wrong is right and right is wrong but not for long, this world is cradled by a savior and nothing can take him by surprise.. someday all this hurting will be over and every tear will be wiped away and dry, but for now we're livin in a broken world.. but not for not for long.  These words are so true, we really are living in a Broken World, where people are so fearful of others .....where grocery store shelves have less and less....gas prices going up by leap and bounds.  People are blaming others for spreading the virus...people wanting to see their loved ones in the Nursing facilities, to hold them and to be able to communicate with them. Yes, we really are living in a broken world, but do you know who created the universe and who can mend this Broken World, do you know him? If not contact any of us in WKGMA and we will show you how to invite Christ into your life.


All writings are the thoughts of this writer not as WKGMA as a whole

The Latter Days 

November 30th, 2020

I believe we have entered the last days that the Bible speaks of. In the latter days it speaks of Fires, Earthquakes,Plagues, and we are seeing all of that today. We are seeing our spiritual structures (Churches, Christian Out Reaches, Soup Kitchens) being closed but yet other entities are allowed to gather such as sports events, parades, etc. it speaks of how father and son would turn against each other, how many will claim to walk in the steps of the Lord, yet their light doesn't shine as it should. But, we can only pray for those for it is not our place to put their beliefs or lack of out for the world to see, however, it is our position to pray for those who stand in need of no matter what the degree. In these latter days we need the Lord and each other more than we ever have. We as God's children need to stand together united in these latter days and show the world that God is in control and no one, I mean no one including Lucifer can take that from us. Stay strong, stay vigilant, for we know not the hour. God's blessings upon one and all.

Who will go and work in my fields?

December 1st, 2020

What a question!  We go and apply for a job without even thinking then we give 110% in the role we play in that job.  Five sometimes Six days a week we sweat and toil at the position we applied for.  Then when that 5 o'clock whistle blows we head home , hopefully leaving our job behind, yet many don't.  It is the same for how our spiritual job is, we accept Christ into our life and he is our employer so to say and yet we don't give nearly to him as what we give with our daily living activities such as jobs, ballgames, etc. How many times at your church have they asked for volunteers to help with an upcoming event or to just help clean the church and we find so many excuses as to why we can't, yet, if our bosses calls us for overtime we are there jolly on the spot.  

     The harvest has been ready for many years, but yet we have no reapers to sow it.  Will you go and work in his fields?

Valentines Day

Do you remember how excited you were as a child to decorate those small cardboard boxes or even a larger one (in hopes of receiving lots of valentine cards)for the Valentine Party at school.  Or maybe you are looking forward to receiving a box of chocolates and flowers on Feb. 14th, or perhaps to be taken out for dinner with that special person.  Oh how we express our love for one another on that established day of love known as Valentines Day.  Here is my question, why is it that we are so anxious to express our love on that day, yet we are remiss in expressing it 352 days of the year?  How many times have you left for work or for school without telling those who are left behind how much they mean to you, it only takes seconds to say I Love You,yet sometimes we will live a life of regret when that love one has gone on and we wish so many times that we could of said I love you just one more time. Don't wait until it's too late,tell those you love now just how much they mean to you.

Again, these are just the thoughts of the writer, please feel free to leave comments.  God Bless You All.

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